Is that a Galaxy Tab 10.1 in this iPad podcaster's pocket?

Frequent iPad Live podcast co-host and general gadget bon vivant Seth Clifford recently purchased a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for development purposes, and has written up a blog post detailing his experience buying and using it.

I asked the sales guy for the 10.1 and the first thing he said was "What are you buying it for?" When I replied, "development", he said "Ok, because this thing isn't going to replace a laptop for you". No problem, I assured him, we're app devs, and we know what we're doing. Then, the manager came over to verify the coupon I had and asked the same question again. Again I replied "development" and he asked "Of what?" rather indignantly.

"Uh, Android apps?" I replied incredulously.

"Oh, ok, because we're selling a lot of these things, and we get a LOT of them back. People buy them thinking they're getting rid of a laptop, and they all come back returning them."

That doesn't seem to be happening with iPads, because I think people's expectations are set accordingly when they buy them. These are not full computing devices; they're not built to be - and yet when you watch the commercials, what do you hear? The "full" internet. Flash. Do it all. Why wouldn't people be disappointed when they can't actually replace a computer with a device that promised they could?

I won't ruin the exciting conclusion of this particular hero's journey (no spoilers!) so make sure you tap (or click) the link below to see just how Seth fared with his new Galaxy Tab 10.1. (We'll save our questions for the show next Sunday.)

[Seth Clifford]