Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs got a bit more love at E3 this year, showcasing a great mix of stealth, shooting action and gadget-savvy gameplay for next-gen consoles. The game involves using a phone to hack into various techno-doohickeys in the world in order to exert a personal brand of vigilante justice. As you might expect, a game about changing the world through your phone also has a proper mobile side game.

In the middle of a mission on the console you can call for help, which will search for available mobile players. The Watch Dogs game for iPad allows players to join in as support to their buddy by hacking into various security systems a high city overview view. Though the app will be able to provide a lot of preparation and support for missions, according to one pre-show interview it can also allow you to see what your friends are doing in real-time in a highly detailed virtual Chicago - and potentially screw with their progress, if one were feeling so inclined. A lot of the gameplay sequences, namely where you help others by looking at them through a security camera and issuing commands, reminds me a lot of République, a Kickstarter project that's still a work in progress. Still, the heavy role mobile plays in a game like this makes it naturally appealing to a lot of us phone geeks.

Check out the quick glimpse of mobile partnerships in Watch Dogs at 1:47:51ish from Sony's E3 press conference below, or check out the Watch Dogs page for more game info.