Classic Games Workshop board game, Chainsaw Warrior, has been re-imagined for mobile and is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. First announced earlier this year, the 1987 classic single-player board game can now be enjoyed by both nostalgia driven gamers and a new generation alike.

The game sees players trying to save New York from dire peril as twisted forces spewing from a spatial rift attempt to rip the city from this reality into theirs. The fate of the city rests solely in the hands of a lone cybernetic solider known as the 'Chainsaw Warrior'. As the eponymous hero, the player must battle through a zombie infested Manhattan tenement in order to locate the controlling intelligence behind the dark army swarming from the spatial rift. The game was renowned as a tough challenge and this new version remains so.

A wider release of Chainsaw Warrior will follow, including Android devices, Windows and Mac. For iOS, head on in to the App Store and grab it now for $4.99, and get your game on like it's the 1980's all over again. Anyone remember the original?

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