With GarageBand for iPad, Apple is showing that the iPad 2 isn't just for consuming media, but also for creating it. They gave a rather long demo of the app today, showing off a slew of music creating and editing features that will make your old Four Track look like, well, an very old Four Track.

GarageBand projects can be recorded or played directly into the iPad 2 with up to 8 tracks, edited directly on the device, and then either emailed out or even saved so you can continue editing on the Mac. Apple is also including a suite of touch-based instruments including drums, drum machines, keyboard, and synthesizers. These instruments include clever features: they use the accelerometer to determine how hard you're striking a key or drum and also allow you to swipe across keys and wiggle your finger to get vibrato. There are also "Smart Instruments," which are simplified versions of instruments that will allow even the most tone-deaf to create music tracks. On the guitar, you can simply choose a chord and strum and even set it to autoplay.

A full-featured audio recorder, guitar amps, stompbox effects, and very good editing features round out GarageBand for iPad. It will be available on March 11th for $4.99 in the App Store.