On top of looking at Frontline Commando 2 at GDC 2014, we checked out another game from Glu that's launching this week called Pirates of Everseas. On the surface, it's a casual city building game where you collect coins from houses and resources from farms on your own little tropical island. Things get gritty quickly as you arm your pirate fleet and start plundering all available booty from your neighbors. Ships get upgraded over time with the resource you gather, and before long your humble little cove turns into a thriving criminal stronghold.

Though there are a lot of things that are fairly formulaic about this freemium title, I liked that there are options for combat against enemy islands, competing ships, and seaborne beasties. Being able to coordinate in a larger combined alliance is always fun too. Pirates of Everseas will be hitting the App Store soon and has already launched in limited markets.

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