We met up with the fine folks from Halfbrick Studios at GDC 2014 to check out their upcoming puzzle game, Bears vs. Art. Players send a raging bear through gallery to slash up priceless works of abstract art. The catch is that, for some reason, the bear's primary mode of movement is to curl up into a ball and spin forwards, Sonic-style. This means you have to work your angles and do quite a bit of figuring out before being able to reach the next piece. Things get especially interesting when you've got thieves running around with the art you're destined to destroy, and hapless gallery patrons to avoid. Of course, no art gallery would be complete without spike traps either. Once you get to one of the random procedurally-generated paintings, you get to slash it up in classic Fruit Ninja fashion.

As you play, you earn in-game currency which can be spent on new game-affecting outfits and power-ups. This is going to be a freemium title with an energy mechanic in place, so some of the tougher puzzles will cost more "paws", which you'll regain only if you successfully complete the puzzle.

Bears vs. Art is currently soft launched in Australia and Canada in order to test and squash bugs, but you can expect it to have a wider release really soon.