We sat down with the guys from Cipher Prime at GDC 2014 to take a look at their absolutely insane pharmaceutical-themed puzzle game called Intake. Players have to tap on pills as they fall to burst them before they hit the ground. The trick is that you need to tap a target area along the bottom to switch between one of two colors; tap a pill that's mismatched with your current color and you lose your combo bonus. Between levels, you gather white pills which you can spend on power-ups, or you can stock up through in-app purchases. The frantic action of the game is matched (and maybe even exceeded) by the game's stellar soundtrack. Cipher Prime is well-known for polished, original soundtracks, but Intake's decidedly more upbeat dubstep soundtrack ensures your adrenaline level's never dipping.

Intake has been on PC for a little while, but after playing both, I'd say the iOS version feels particularly great. It was interesting when I mentioned the game felt built for mobile from the get-go, but the game designer, Will, explained that the portrait orientation and aspect ratio in the PC version was strictly to restrict space and improve tension while also evoking the feeling of old-school arcade machines. Intake will be launching in April or May for about $3. In the meantime, take a listen to the soundtrack and have your mind blown a little bit. Intake for iOS is our favorite game from GDC 2014 so far, but the show's not over yet! We got lots more on the way.