Sigils: Battle for Raios was being shown off at GDC 2014, and we took a gander at the strategic fantasy combat it had to offer. Players party up in live synchronous multiplayer matches and take on waves of fantastic AI enemies. Players can take on one of what looks like dozens of unique animal-based characters, level up, and specialize as they see fit. The controls are fairly straightforward, with simple taps to move your character around the battlefield, but abilities are dependent on range, area of effect, and cooldown timers. Players take on traditional RPG roles, like healer, DPS, and tank. Since it's a freemium title, you can fast-track with in-app purchases, or have plenty of fun without spending a dime.

At first I was a little skeptical, since the developer has a heritage in browser games (not something I play a lot of), and the tutorial came off as fairly easy. Once we get into live multiplayer though, the action is surprisingly frenetic, and as a healer, the pressure was really on. The developers of Sigils like to brand the game as a MOBA title, along the lines of Dota 2 or League of Legends, and though there's a wide variety of heroes to chose from, the gameplay itself involves no lane defense whatsoever and plays a lot more like Battleheart. In any case, the artwork and animations are particularly impressive, and the selection of 25 heroes is altogether boggling.

Sigils: Battle for Raios will be landing in the App Store in the early summer following a beta period.