We've got yet another great little RPG coming out of GDC 2015 called MicRogue. As the name suggests, it works fine on smaller screens, and offers classic, brutal roguelike gameplay with chunky 8-bit graphical charm.

The publisher, Crescent Moon Games, made regular comparisons to chess, referring to the diverse movement, attack, and interaction patterns of the enemies you'll bump into. The classic elements of a roguelike game are here: permanent death, with nothing carried over to your next game, the perpetual push to delve deeper into the dungeon, and an array of baddies that you have to slay or avoid in turn-based movement.

A launch is right around the corner (few weeks to a month), due exclusively to some App Store paperwork mix up. Expect MicRoge to have a $1.99 pricetag when it's released.