A pleasant surprise from GDC 2015 was Redux Ark, an independent sci-fi survival game. In it, an interstellar crew on a mission to revive the Earth's failing ecosystem crash land on an alien planet. Not only do you have to find scattered components of your ship in order to repair it, you also have to avoid hostile wildlife, collect specimens to bring back home, and manage a limited battery supply on your space suit.

Redux Ark earns extra points for its low-polygon, watercolor art style. It reminds me a little bit of The Long Dark, but it's great to see it applied to a new kind of environment. The way your radar and other systems shut down as your battery drains is particularly terrifying. The focus on ecology here is great, and it's easy to imagine younger players learning a thing or two about the food chain in the process of playing.

It's still super early in Redux Ark's development, so the creators don't expect this in the App Store until late 2016.