Gameloft's freemium fantasy action title, Dungeon Hunter 5, is coming next week and we got a chance to check it out at GDC 2015.

The Dungeon Hunter series is well-known as a beautiful action-RPG, and its latest iteration changes things up quite a bit. For one, there aren't any classes. Yep, an RPG with without classes. You start with your choice of weapon, be it dual crossbows, glaive, sword and shield, staff, and other classic set-ups, and take it from there. As you work through quests, you earn new gear represented as cards, which can be equipped or burned up to improve your existing weapons and armor. In-app purchases are employed to open special chests which have a better shot at providing higher-end equipment.

There's also an asynchronous multiplayer element whereby an automated version of your character defends a stronghold, which you build and populate with minions to defend against other players. We didn't get a chance to try that out, but it sounds very promising.

There's not too much we can say about the storyline, but there are still demons romping around that need a good stabbing. Though the game looks just as fantastic as the last game, there's a lot that's refreshingly different. Dungeon Hunter 5 hits the App Store on March 12.