The fun doesn't stop at the Game Developer Conference this week, as we're taking a look at an upcoming duck-and-cover shooter from Chillingo and About Fun Games called Warfriends.

Simply enough, you need to run behind cover, call in back-up, take out enemy troops, and eventually weather down the opposing commander at the other end of the battlefield. Before the match starts, you pick up to three cards which provide temporary buffs or bonuses. You'll have to keep whittling away at the enemy's backup in order to increase your energy reserve and haul in your own troops. Dynamic stages and quickly moving characters can making hitting your targets especially tricky. A cooperative campaign mode is also available if you'd rather fight alongside your buddies rather than against them.

Many of the characters throughout Warfriends have a tongue-in-cheek Team Fortress look to them, and that's totally fine. The big bobble heads and overall silly feel make for a very easygoing feeling for something that's really quite competitive. Warfriends will be free to play when it hits the App Store this summer.