Divide by Sheep is a wacky math puzzler from Tiny Build Games that starts off cute and ends up quite deadly. We got a chance to try an early build at the Game Developers Conference 2015. The objective of the game is to save sheep by getting them to the raft. However, only a certain amount of sheep can fit onto the raft.

Sometimes a level presents you with more sheep than you need so the game offers different ways to 'sacrifice' your fluffy friends. You can either do this by causing them to drown, sliced by lasers, or taken by the grim reaper himself.

Divide by Sheep somehow manages to make a dark game remarkably cute and equally fun. It's slated to release sometime in May of this year with a premium price point which hasn't yet been established. So keep an eye out for future information if this game is now on your anticipated games list because it is definitely on ours.

While Simon and I are here at GDC, you can expect more news from us and our sister sites, Android Central and Windows Central.