Critically acclaimed survival strategy game This War of Mine is making its way from your Mac to iPad soon and we've got your first look at it from GDC 2015.

Unlike most games that revolve around a war, This War of Mine focuses on the civilians that are affected by it. Made by 11bit Studios, This War of Mine has you scavenging and trading supplies as you make sure your group is well fed, happy, and healthy in their makeshift shelter. The game features a night and day cycle that add different gameplay elements. For example, during the night you are forced to protect your civilians as they are always being attacked by hostile snipers.

The game is set to come out in about two months with no plans of it being on iPhone due to the lack of screen real estate. If you are interested in his game perhaps reading Peter's review will make you want it even more as he says it's a game you shouldn't miss.

Keep an eye out for more GDC news as we are here for a couple more days.