Apple just announced the new, third generation iPod touch during their It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event. The big news?

Looks like the $199/$299/$399 price point for 8GB/32GB/64GB was spot on, and along with the OS 3.1 update, similar to what the iPhone is getting (including Genius Mixes, Voice Control, VoiceOver, etc.). [The 8GB looks to be last year's model priced to clear, like the iPhone 3G, while the new 32GB and 64GB devices get a] 50% speed boost (iPhone 3GS got a 100% boost, by the 2nd gen iPod touch was faster than the iPhone 3G to begin with), OpenGL ES 2.0 for better graphics,

Apple Store shows they ship in 1-3 days (3 days for the 64GB monster).

The biggest news, however, is the stunning lack of a camera -- something the new iPod nano received. It seemed like such a no-brainer addition, perhaps rumors of production problems forcing Apple to delay them were true? If so, delay them until when? Any time soon, and buyers of this version will be angry. Until next year, and everyone will be annoyed. What's it going to be, Apple?

Of course, with the Zune HD about to be released, the loss of a camera and lack of HD-out (or OLED) are competitive disadvantages. However, the new price points and massive lead in Apps likely even things out.

What say you?