I was hoping Apple's third generation iPhone -- widely expected to be announced at WWDC 2009 -- would have a huge screen and lend itself perfectly to the name iPhone HD. After all, Apple has been promoting HD a lot lately with their iTunes offerings.

Absent that huge screen, however, the last Phone different podcast had Dieter and I wondering what else Apple could have up their black, turtle-necked sleeves when it comes to branding?

  • iPhone 4G would require 4G LTE wireless networks, which haven't even begun to be rolled out yet, so last year's scheme is out.
  • iPhone 3.5/3.9G is likewise a non-starter. HSPA+ radio or not, that's just too inelegant for Apple,
  • iPhone 32GB is what the telco leaks have been splashing all over the internet. This too seems unlikely, as it paints Apple into every bit as much of a techno-corner as the radio-based names.
  • iPhone Pro fits with Mac Pro and MacBook Pro (and even Final Cut Pro), but Dieter points out that beyond my little Apple-verse, that terms is already used and abused by Palm Treo Pro, HTC Touch Pro, and a variety of other stylus-wielding Windows Phones. That alone might sour Apple.
  • iPhone, sans descriptor is always a possibility. After all, it's not iMac X, Y, or Z, it's just iMac. Whether internal documents say iPhone 2,1 or iPhone 3rd Generation, Apple could be ballsy enough at this point to just stick with the unadorned moniker.

What do you think, one of the above or something else entirely? Come WWDC, when Schiller or Joz or whomever whips out that new iPhone, what are they going to call it?