George's most used iPhone and iPad accessories of 2011

When I was asked to compile a list of my most used accessories of 2011, I looked around and discovered -- I don't use that many accessories. That made my list much easier to compile. So here is a list of the accessories that I actually do use.


As a YouTuber, I make videos on a regular basis. Following the old saying 'The best camera is the one you have on you', this is mostly my iPhone 4. The problem with iPhone is that you can't mount it on to a tripod. The Glif is a moulded piece of rubber that fits tightly around the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, and screws into any standard tripod, making it ideal for shooting those still shots. It also doubles as a stand in both portrait and landscape modes.

Smart Cover for iPad 2

I love my Smart Cover. It's got a gorgeous design, its simple to attach and detach from the iPad and, for a thin cover, its surprisingly functional. I usually have my iPad stood up in "writing" mode, for editing articles, and scripts on the fly, but when I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy some TV or a film, Its literally a small flip away.

It's simple, it's sleek and it comes in colors.

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

If the iPhone 4 isn't in my pocket, or in my hand, then its sat in its dock on my desk or bedside table where it'll charge and connect to iTunes via Wifi, to ensure that that all my music, apps and podcasts are up to date.

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