Konami Digital Entertainment has released their new iPad game, Gesundheit! HD. It has also recently received a performance update.

‘Gesundheit! (HD) tells the story of an odd little pig with allergies - the runt of the litter, who narrowly escapes being captured when monsters invade his village, and -finding courage he never knew he had - sets out to rescue his friends. You control our curly-tailed hero on his quest across 40 unique and increasingly challenging action-packed levels filled with mildly gross humor that will appeal to all ages.

  • HD Quality Graphics & Cinematics - Vibrant colorful, console-quality high definition textures and graphics. Gesundheit's story unfolds through HD cinematic sequences throughout the game.
  • Incredible Touch-Screen Controls - Possibly the most intuitive touch screen controls yet seen, requiring no on-screen buttons or virtual D-Pads.
  • Awesome Character Upgrades - Earn Super-Charged Snot power-ups to help you on your quest.
  • Original Soundtrack - An completely original soundtrack that will have you humming along for days
  • Game Center Support - Unique achievements to unlock and a worldwide leaderboard to challenge your friends via Game Center (with OpenFeint to come).

Gesundheit! HD is available on the iPad for $1.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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