X-Mirage is currently offering a bundle of eight popular Mac apps and utilities for just $29.99. Apps in this bundle, such as Data Rescue, Hype, and iStat Menus, help you in tasks as diverse as data recovery and website construction.

Get eight great Mac apps for just $29.99 from X-Mirage

Here are the apps that are a part of this bundle:

  • Data Rescue 4 (normally $99)
  • Hype 3.5 (normally $49.99)
  • Freeway Pro 7 (normally $150)
  • Painter Essentials 5 (normally $49.99)
  • uBar 3 (normally $20)
  • iStat Menus 5 (normally $18)
  • Dropzone 3 (normally $9.99)
  • Xee 3 (normally $3.99)

This bundle is only available for another three days as of this writing, so if these apps strike your fancy, be sure to get in on it now.