You already know the ins and outs of working with Word Documents. You're a Google Docs guru. But the thought of dealing with a PDF makes your skin crawl. They're impossible to edit, copying them is a royal pain, and how the heck do they work with Cloud storage? It's like your co-workers and friends know how much you dread PDFs, and it's the only format they send you. And they have the nerve to ask why it's taking you so long to fill out that form or give them feedback? Good grief.

What if we told you that there's a way to make working with PDFs just as easy as Word documents? What if we told you that you can get it today for a great deal? Get set to make a purchase from iMore and PDFpenPro 8 that will put all that PDF-induced cringing to rest.

Get the PDFpen 8: All-purpose PDF editor for Mac for 50% off!

Right now, you can get the PDFpenPro 8: All-purpose PDF Editor for Mac 2 for 50% off! For only $62, you'll be able to work with a PDF in ways you didn't know you could, even if you didn't create the original document. Imagine signing off on documents, filling out forms, editing, and best of all not being frustrated by a format again. This low-cost, one-time purchase allows you to do it all:

  • Convert websites to multi-page PDFs, complete with hyperlinks
  • Create & edit cross-platform fillable PDF forms
  • Create & edit table of contents
  • Create form fields automatically in a non-interactive form
  • Export in Excel, PowerPoint & PDF Archive formats
  • Edit document permissions to restrict saving, printing, copying, etc.
  • Plus all PDFpen features!

The PDFpen Pro 8 is a must-have tool that's easy to use; you needed this ages ago, and you're going to start making up for all that unnecessary frustration today. Get your hands on the PDFpenPro 8: All-purpose PDF Editor for Mac for 50% off today!

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