iPhone 3G Rumor Roundup

Here's the plan, folks:

  1. We didn't make WWDC, so instead of a on-site liveblog we'll be doing a meta-live-blog. What that means is we'll be keeping an eye on all the other live blogs so you don't have to. We'll be a few seconds behind the rest, but we'll make up for it by adding our own thoughts and commentary throughout. We'll be using a fancy liveblog widget that allows all the writers to chime in and also allows you to submit liveblog comments and questions too. We're calling it a Live Color Commentary Blog, and it worked out darn well last time we did it during the iPhone SDK announcement. Be here at 12:30 Eastern on Monday for the fun.
  2. With any luck at all (especially given the recent shortages), we expect at least a 25% chance the new iPhone will go on sale on Monday. Ok, maybe 10%. Ok, we have no freaking idea. But maybe you do - submit your guesses here. Nevertheless we'll have people standing by at the Apple store in Tampa and another AT&T store slightly more locally. If they're available, we'll be rushing one back to TiPb HQ and getting you an unboxing.
  3. On Wednesday you can expect an extra-special Phone different podcast, wherein a bunch of the TiPb staff will be talking about what happened.
  4. If you haven't been keeping an eye on the sidebar, do that. We've been running a series of prediction articles, each so chock-full of every rumor and analysis thereof it will knock your socks off. Seriously, you should go put those socks back on, it's been hot outside lately. We're not saying, we're just saying.
  5. We're stocking up on sleeping pills (for the night before, because otherwise we won't be able to sleep), coffee (because, really, we won't be able to sleep), sunglasses and lead-lined clothing (in case the Reality Distortion Field becomes too strong for humans to take), and tissues (for when we weep with joy). We recommend you do the same.