There are few things worse than checking your phone and seeing that low battery warning when you're far away from a charger. It can lead to some real anxiety. Battery packs will help, but most are so bulky that it can be tough to take them along with you.

Get this pocket-sized battery pack for $20!

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But that's where this LithiumCard Wallet Battery pack can help! It offers 1,200mAh of power in a sleek package that's about the size of a wallet and includes a built-in Micro USB or Lightning Connector to keep your devices charged.

Best of all, you can get yours for only $20 — that's 66% off the regular price! It's available in your choice of black or silver to match your style.

This thing is compact, roughly the size of a stack of five credit cards. At 1/5 of an inch thick, you can toss this in your bag or jacket pocket and always have that backup power available to you when you need it.

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Enjoy the premium design of this durable aluminum battery pack, which can be yours for only $20. Stash it in your wallet or use the NanoStik pad to attach it directly to your phone. The choice — and power — can be yours, so act now!