GetGlue's entertainment check-in app for iPad has been dramatically revamped with a particular emphasis on scheduling. Now you can see when your favorite TV shows are on and when your sports team is playing in a simple calendar layout. As a second screen during your viewing, GetGlue for ipad is offering a bunch of contextual information from around the web, including trailers and links to Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon as appropriate. GetGlue is also trying harder than ever to be your guide in discovering new shows you might be interested in based on what you've been watching and what you like. Here's the full changelog for GetGlue 3.0 on iPad.

  • A personalized guide for TV, movies, and sports based on what you like.
  • Get recommendations for shows you'll want to start watching.
  • Check-in and chat with friends and fans while you watch.
  • Enjoy the best clips, photos, and articles for your favorite shows and movies.
  • Never miss a key premiere, finale, or major event that’s important to you.
  • Unlock stickers and other rewards from your favorite shows.

 I'm a huge fan of GetGlue, and this new direction is really great. It's easy to imagine the scheduling thing expanding into movie premieres, video game launches, and all of the other areas of content they cover. What do you guys usually use your iPad for while watching a TV show? What's your favorite couch companion app?

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Source: GetGlue

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