GetGlue updated with better interface, personalized guides, and more

GetGlue, the popular check-in app for media and entertainment, has been updated with a much improved upon interface, better personalized guides for movies and tv, added video clips and photos for your favorite shows, and more. The update has also added supper for the iPhone 5, so if you've been waiting on that, you'll definitely want to grab the update.

The premise of GetGlue is simple and if you use Foursquare, you'll be right at home. The main difference is that instead of checking into an actual location, you check into what you're doing. This can be anything from reading a book to watching a movie to playing a video game.

The newly redesigned version takes the focus away from actual checkins are refocuses on creating a completely personalized viewing guide. When it comes to using GetGlue on an ongoing basis, you may find you'll discover a lot more shows and movies that you may not have discovered otherwise. I've found a lot of music artists and books that my friends are reading that I probably never would have found on my own. The newly focused app should just make an already great community even better.

The best part of using GetGlue is the community. You can chat with friends and followers that are watching the same shows and movies that you are as well as collect stickers. Many movies and television shows offer limited time digital stickers that you'll obtain for checking into a premiere or movie opening night. Once you've accumulated so many, you can actually go to the actual GetGlue website and redeem your digital stickers for real ones that will be sent to you, free of charge.

If you haven't checked out GetGlue yet and you are a movie or tv show buff, we highly recommend that you do.