Giant Boulder of Death

Adult Swim published a new game in the App Store recently called Giant Boulder of Death, where players guide an oddly spiteful boulder with tilt controls as is trundles down a valley and smooshes villagers in its path. Don't worry, it's not bloody at all - they're all very blocky and hapless. You have to evade their defenses, collect coins, and if you get on a roll (get it?), you activate Invinciboulder mode, which lets you plow through just about everything. Collected coins can be spent on upgrades, such as jump height and turning speed, and as you accomplish certain achievements, new things to destroy are unlocked.

If you've played Rock of Ages at all, Giant Boulder of Death will certainly seem familiar. On the whole, I've been pretty happy with the games Adult Swim has been churning out for iOS. There are obvious successes, like Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Major Mayhem, and even Monsters At My Condo, simple as it may be, had a certain charm to it.

Anyway, if you're looking for some senseless destruction, Giant Boulder of Death should scratch that itch. Or crush that house.

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