Giphy makes sharing GIFs even easier with its own keyboard app

Giphy, the popular GIF service, has introduced its own third-party keyboard for iPhone, Giphy Keys. The keyboard makes it easy to find and share GIFs, without relying on another third-party keyboard developer, as Giphy has done in the past.

You can use an app's text field to search the keyboard for GIFs by tapping the keyboard's Home icon. When you find what you're looking for, you can copy and paste it, and if you really like it, mark the GIF as a favorite. In addition to text search, you can also browse by category, or get a random GIF if you're feeling lucky.

Giphy Keys also features a number of built-in commands. For instance, you can type "#echo" to turn your text into a GIF, or #text to get a text GIF.

You can grab Giphy Keys for free from the App Store.

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