We've already pointed you towards Element Case's Joule stand for iPad but now we've had some hands-on time with both the polished aluminum (with custom TiPb logo!) and anodized black versions and we can tell you ourselves -- they're stunners.

If you're looking for a high-end way to show off your new iPad, portrait or landscape, high for watching or low for typing, the Joule just might be it.

You can see the fancy retail packaging in the video below (online orders come in more practical mailers), but no matter how it arrives it includes the velvet lined base with cut-out for the iPad speakers and three position mounts for the support leg -- and a microfiber cleaning cloth (since Apple forgot to include it with the iPad).

Starting at $129 and with customizable options, it's not the cheapest solution but if you want something with high-quality material and workmanship to really show off your iPad, you get what you pay for.

Or, hey, if you want one for free Element Case has graciously offered to give a few away to our awesome TiPb readers. We're debuting our new iPad Live! podcast this Sunday night at 5pm PT/8pm ET and during the show we'll be giving away the Joule stands. So tune in Sunday, or head over to and order anytime!

Pics and video after the break!

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