Techcrunch's Michael Arrington takes the US Thanksgiving holiday to give sweet blog love to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and everything he's done for Apple -- and for consumers:

What would our world look like without him? We’d likely still be in mobile phone hell. Chances are we still wouldn’t have a decent browsing experience on the phone, and we certainly wouldn’t be enjoying third party apps like Pandora or Skype on whatever clunker the carriers handed us. Even if you use an Android, Palm Pre or newer Blackberry today, you must thank Apple for pushing open the doors to mobile freedom. Think back to the phone you had in 2006, and then tell me you don’t love Apple for the iPhone alone (yes, I’ve moved on, but the iPhone was the genesis).

He manages to sneak in a few swipes at MobileMe (which now works pretty well), and the MacBook Air (which, since the second generation, has been magnificent), and still calls Apple irritating and sorta evil, but from Arrington's early, lawyer-days working on the Apple/NeXT deal, to his admiration for their sexy new iMacs and iTablets to be, he gives the CEO of the Decade a lot of credit and is hard pressed to imagine an Apple, or a technology sector, without him.

We are too. For Apple II, Mac, Pixar, iPod, iTunes, Apple Retail, and of course, the iPhone, we join Arrington in saying -- thanks Steve!