Glasshouse apps find new homes, including Tweetglass... at Tapbots!

Glasshouse Apps, who once upon a time made beautifully crafted iOS software like The Early Edition, Gift Plan, and most recently, Tweetglass (formerly Quip) have let it be known that since the designer and developer have moved on to newer, more corporate gigs, The Early Edition and Gift Plan will be taken over by Air Source Ltd. (with whom they previously worked on Barista and Cellar), and Tweetglass would be going to... Tapbots, maker of Tweetbot.

No word yet on what Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine will do with Tweetglass, or how it will be positioned relative to Tweetbot for iPad, but they're both brilliant and creative guys, so it's hard not to imagine good things will eventually come of it in its new home.

Congrats to all involved, and great news for everyone who bought and enjoyed Glasshouse Apps.