Gmail app update enables opening of links in Chrome, Google Maps, and YouTube

For all of the threaded messages and label tagging goodness that is the 2.x version of the Gmail for iOS app, for those that have wanted to live the Google life on their iOS device it's been a little tough going. There are a lot of Google iOS apps out there, including such stalwarts as the Chrome browser, Google Maps, and the new YouTube app. But up until today, tapping a link in Gmail would open that link up in Safari or Apple Maps.

While Safari and Apple Maps are fine apps and all, there's a cross-platform appeal to using Google's services. If that happens to appeal to you, then you'll be pleased to learn that today the Gmail iOS app was updated to version 2.2.7182, enabling cross-app launching into Google's apps (if you have them installed, that is). Regular old links will open in Chrome, addresses will shuttle you over to Google Maps, and links to YouTube will open up, well, that video in YouTube. The three redirects can be individually enabled or disabled if you'd prefer to use Apple Maps and Safari instead.

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