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Google has updated its Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to include integration with iOS 5's Notification Center; this allows Gmail notifications to show up as banners, alerts and lock screen options. Google claims that notifications show up five times faster than previous versions of the app.

iOS 5 went into beta in June of 2011 and was released to the public in October of 2011. Many independent developers had full notification support at launch. Yet it took the biggest internet company in the world a year to bake this in?

Our team has been working hard to bring your most-requested features to the Gmail app for iOS.  Today, we’re excited to add three new improvements to that list of updates: full notification center support, the ability to send messages from your alternate email addresses and an improved login experience.

The other improvements are quite small, although if you like to send email from alternate sender addresses on the desktop version of Gmail, you can now do that from the app too. Gmail for iOS also supports persistent logins which means you can stay logged into your Gmail account as long as you like.

Google claims to be working on more updates for the app with more features to be added in future updates like support for multiple Gmail accounts.

Once again, however, we're left to ask -- how can tiny independent developer teams continue to code circles around the biggest, brightest, best funded corporations in history?

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Source: Official Gmail Blog

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