Is Gmail over ActiveSync screwed up for you too?

Gmail over ActiveSync hasn't been working properly for me for the last few days. I get no mail for hours at a time, then a ton of mail spurts in, then no mail again. IMAP is fine, it's only ActiveSync that's causing me problems. Google, of course, is end-of-lifing the free version of GoogleSync -- their licensed version of Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync for push mail, contacts, and calendars -- but existing setups are supposed to keep working, as are paid Google accounts. That's what I have, a paid Google Account, which means I should be getting ActiveSync service as usual going forward. So what's the deal?

Glitches and gremlins happen to and plague every service, but this is going on half a week. I took a quick look and didn't see any Google Apps system status reports but as a paying customer who depends on timely email service from one of the world's biggest email service providers, I'm in pain here.

(Sure, I could use the Gmail app, pictured up top, to get push but I also use iCloud -- which is working just fine right now -- and I value a unified inbox, so it's not a great solution.)

Anyone else having trouble with Gmail over ActiveSync right now? If so, how long has it been problematic for you?

Update: Jonathan Geller from BGR is on the phone with Google, and according to what they're telling him, Apple is blocking their push notifications -- since about May 7 -- but they're working on a fix. That makes little sense to me, however, since if Apple is blocking it, how could Google fix it, especially since it's a Microsoft protocol baked into iOS anyway? Unless iOS 6.1.4 changed something in the ActiveSync support that specifically broke Google, and Google fixes whatever they were doing that isn't compliant with the update, I'm at a loss to understand that explanation?

Update: The problem seems to occur regardless of iOS version, so recent changes on Apple's end are out.