If you're looking for a slightly different looking case for your new iPad Air then DODOcase might have just the thing for you. Over on the company's website you can now design your own custom iPad Air case with a whole range of colors, patterns, materials, even maps for the inside. Plenty of options to create the iPad Air case of your dreams.

I went here for a teal exterior with red elastic and this insanely ridiculous monsters pattern on the inside. Should I hit buy it'll cost me $79.95 plus shipping, which is perhaps a little pricey, but then you probably won't see anyone else with one the same. Additional options such as leather, a camera hole and even a custom engraving will drive the price up a little further, but you can be as creative – or not – as you want to be.

Give it a try at the source link below, and if you pull the trigger let us know what design you went for!

Source: DODOcase