A hidden gem tucked away on the busy E3 2014 show floor was Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. The action game, though mostly conventional with dodge, block, light attack, and strong attack buttons, is extremely good-looking. Highly cinematic finishing moves, combos, and truly ugly bosses make a feast for the eyes.

Players are in the greaves of Prometheus, who has been cast from the heavens, separated from an object of untold power, and is on a quest to get it back before its original protectors can get to it. Your rage meter grows as you lay low all manner of beasts, and, once full, lets you unleash awesome attacks.

Though it's mostly blood and guts, the action is interspersed with simple (but polished) puzzle mini-games. It can't be an adrenaline trip all the time, you know. Players progress by upgrading armor in light, medium, or heavy varieties, changing up their weapons, and bumping up stats. Godfire will be premium with microtransactions to speed up your way to the top. Even the dev showed a little distaste for one of the pay-to-win packages, but if that's your boat, go for it.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus comes out June 19, so keep your eyes peeled on the App Store for it!