GoDocs updated with an all new design, support for AirDrop, and more

GoDocs, an all in one solution for handling your Google Docs, has just been updated to version 5.0. It comes with a completely re-designed interface, much faster response times, and support for new iOS 7 features such as AirDrop.

I have found GoDocs to be a great solution for people wanting to unify their Google Drive and Google Docs experience. I haven't used the new version of GoDocs extensively quite yet but I've used it enough to know that the claims of faster response and load times aren't exaggerated. I have some files that are rather large and they seem to load faster in the current version of GoDocs than they did the last version.

In order to edit documents in GoDocs, you do have to get re-routed to the actual Google Docs site but GoDocs does all the heavy lifting for you and launches what you're trying to edit in just seconds. For just viewing, you can do all that natively inside GoDocs without ever being re-routed or leaving the app.

GoDocs does allow you to open documents in other apps as well such as Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Dropbox, Evernote, Droplr, the native Google Drive app, and more.

New features of GoDocs 5 include official support for iOS 7, support for AirDrop, and reduced application size.

If you want a unified solution, GoDocs was already a great choice. The new design and smoother experience may have made it the best choice.

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