Godzilla comes out today and you can catch up now in iTunes! (for posting FRIDAY)

Today's the day kaiju fans like me have been waiting for: Gareth Edward's reboot of the mighty Godzilla franchise hits theaters. Before you queue up in line at the theater to see this new take on the legendary giant monster, there's plenty you can do to commemorate the occasion, from watching the original to playing games. Here are the links!

  • Gojira: The black and white 1954 film that brought the mighty monster to life. This is the original version in Japanese, with English subtitles. Download now

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters: To make the original movie more palatable to American moviegoers, it was edited, dubbed in English and incorporated additional footage featuring Raymond "Ironsides" Burr. Download now

  • Godzilla (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): Five-time Oscar nominee Alexandre Desplat composed the soundtrack for the new movie, which should get you in the spirit when it comes time to see the big guy on the big screen. Download now

  • Godzilla (1998): Roland Emmerich's execrable big-budget remake of Godzilla set in New York City features Matthew Broderick, which has earned it the derisive moniker "Ferris Buellerzilla" around the iMore offices. The movie that Toho Studios disowned as being a "real" Godzilla film. See just how bad a Godzilla movie can be. Download now

  • Godzilla: Strike Zone: The first official game tie-in for the new movie. Join a squadron of military commandos on a mission to defeat Godzilla! Download now

  • Godzilla - Smash 3: Control Godzilla as he fights the MUTO and rampages through 80 levels in this puzzle game. More details here. Download now

  • Godzilla by Blue Öyster Cult: No collection of Godzilla content would be complete without BÖC's loving 1977 tribute to the king of all monsters. Download now

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