At this point, it's not really a secret that gold iPhone 5s demand has been high, especially in China and supply is short. Folks in line-ups are sharing up-to-date inventory numbers as we head into the late evening and early morning but the long story short is if you have your hopes on a gold iPhone 5s, you just might be out of luck and end up having to choose from either white or space grey or stepping aside and ordering online.

While that news is sure to disappoint some folks, there is a bit of a bright side to the story. As suggested by the WSJ, Apple has now has asked its suppliers to increase production of the gold-colored iPhone 5s by an additional one-third after seeing strong demand.

Granted, that's not going to help anyone currently in a line up right now but if the story is accurate, then it shouldn't be too long before channels start filling up and the gold iPhone 5s becomes more readily accessible. Be sure to let us know if you strike it rich and get a gold one. 

Source: WSJ