Google has today announced a raft of new apps with support for its $35 TV dongle, Chromecast, that suddenly makes it a whole lot more useful and appealing. While a public SDK still eludes us, the latest apps with support for Chromecast includes such popular names as Plex, Songza and VEVO. Here's the full list as it currently stands according to Google's Chromecast apps page:

  • VEVO
  • Red Bull TV
  • Songza
  • Plex
  • Post TV
  • Viki
  • RealPlayer Cloud

Google actually claimed 10 new apps in the official release, but the Chromecast apps page only currently shows 7. Some aren't applicable to iOS, such as BeyondPod, but content from Revision3 is also mentioned without being shown just yet. All you need is the latest versions of each iOS compatible app and you're good to go.

Plex in particular is a big deal for a lot of folks since it now offers the first – official – way to stream locally stored content to Chromecast from either iOS or Android. With the addition of Songza support, one must imagine it's only a matter of time before the remaining top music services get on board as well, since now Chromecast supports this, Pandora and Google Play Music.

What apps I've used so far with Chromecast have left me pretty impressed. For the price, the operation is simple and seamless, and there is a real window of opportunity for Google to do great things with it. Releasing it outside the U.S. would be a start. So, does this latest round of new apps scratch any particular Chromecast itch you've been having?

Source: Google