Google buys Motorola. Denies any plans to do anything with it. No one believes them. Flash forward. Rumors spread Google is doing something with them. Deep breath. It's rumored to be an "X Phone" designed, once again, to take on the iPhone.

That might sound silly until you realize it's been Samsung, not Google, who's had all the success in the market against Apple. Now that Google owns Motorola, it only makes sense they'd want that division to be profitable as well, and to be an insurance policy against the power of manufacturers like Samsung, the same way Android was an insurance policy against the power of BlackBerry and Microsoft at first, and then very quickly Apple.

Not much is know about the code-named X Phone yet (which really should have been a name used by Microsoft for a gaming phone, but I digress), though Android Central scored some details in their forums:

Apparently this phone is called the "X Phone" or something along those lines and has buttons on the back of the phone. He said that a camera button is in the middle of the phone with volume up and down buttons on both sides of it all on the back face of the phone. He said it is supposed to be more ergonomic while holding the phone.

Best of luck to Google and Moto on this. Sincerely. The faster they push the pace of innovation, the faster Apple and everyone else has to work to stay ahead or keep up.

For the full story on the X Phone, at least as much as we know right now, hit the link below, and then jump back here and tell me what you think. Are Google and Motorola capable of fielding a device that can take significant market share away from Samsung, and profit share away from Apple?

Source: Android Central