Google is rolling out quite the update to its mobile app for iPhone and iPad, bringing a much faster search experience, along with a convenient way for sports fans to check out the latest video highlights.

Google app gets a speed boost with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Perhaps the biggest change in this update is support for what Google calls Accelerated Mobile Pages - or AMP. Pages that are labeled AMP are optimized for super-fast load times on mobile connections, and you can quickly identify them by the lightning bolt symbol next to article titles.

Of course, there's more to love in this update as well. Here's the full breakdown of what's new in version 15.1 of the Google app:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages ("AMP") — news and articles from many of your favorite publishers will now load instantly. Look out for a lightning bolt and "AMP" next to articles in the "Top Stories" section of your search results and enjoy blazing fast webpage loading!
  • Instantly watch sports highlight videos in Now cards— whenever you get a sports highlights Now card, just tap the play button and watch the video right there. No need to load a new webpage.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for iPad users — If you have an external keyboard for your iPad, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to search faster and navigate the app more easily (hold the "Command" key to see the list of supported shortcuts).
  • See the busiest hours for places and local businesses directly in the search results page. No need to tap and expand the local search result anymore.

If you'd like to check out all of what's new in the Google app for iPhone and iPad, you can give the app a download at the App Store link below.

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