Google Hearts iPhone

Here at Smartphone Experts we use gmail for our main email and also use Google Apps Premier for our documents. Looks like we can add to the list of things that the iPhone excels at, business-wise: Google Apps. That list, by the way, is coming up shortly as a Wait-a-Thon post.

Meanwhile, if you, like us, use Google for business, your iPhone is now a great tool for that business:

Google has produced a new, generalized iPhone interface for its Google Apps suite of web applications. [...] To access the new interface, people should visit "" in Safari, where "" is replaced with a user's actual account domain. The new interface is currently only available for the English-language version of the Apps website. - [ipodnn]

Google's iPhone fixation continues apace. With any luck at at all, the release of the iPhone 2.0 software will mean that iPhone users will be able to catch up with Windows Mobile users and be able to install and use Google Gears, Google's offline app platform.

Update: Oh yeah, per the Google Blog, their stuff is now available in 33 countries and Google News' iPhone interface is now sweetness too.