At long, long last Google has finally unveiled their cloud storage solution -- Google Drive. So will you use it? It took so long to get here that many of us have already gone all in on something else, either Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, or even the increasingly iPhone and iPad friendly Micorosoft SkyDrive. While iCloud isn't exactly the same kind of service, for casual users it might just be enough to negate the need for anything more.

That means getting people to switch from what they're already using to Google Drive might be a hard sell. We're creatures of habit, after all, and you need to offer us significant enticement to get us to change habits).

But does Google even need us to switch? Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage, and will increasingly be integrated into the Google Services many of us use every day. Many of us simply added iCloud to our existing cloud storage usage, after all. Many could just as easily add Google Drive. iOS device data and backups, and iTunes content in iCloud, our existing file shares in Dropbox, and a bunch of Google Docs and extra backups in Google Drive... why not?

There are privacy concerns, of course. Google has struggled with some of their new product launches, and their Terms of Service have been unfortunately worded at times, and some people -- rightly or wrongly -- have grown a little suspicious of Google and their constant desire to index and monetize our lives. Nothing is ever truly free, so we'll pay one way or another. Some prefer to pay with money, others with access to data -- we all have to do what makes us comfortable.

There's also no iPhone or iPad app yet. (Really? Google takes 5 years to release it and they still couldn't get the iOS app done in time?)

So what will it be, iMore nation? Does Google Drive have a place in your cloud storage life? Will it be your one-and-only, one-of-many, or nothing at all? Or are you going to wait and see how it works before deciding? Vote in the poll up top and then give me the details in the iMore Google Forums!

Google announces Google Drive, gives 5GB of free cloud storage to all users