Google Chrome, one of the better alternative iOS browsers available, is about to get some pretty nifty new features in the latest release; Data compression, and Translate.

When enabled, Chrome’s data compression and bandwidth management can reduce data usage by up to 50% while browsing the web on Chrome for Android and iOS. This feature also enables Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology which helps protect you from malicious webpages.

We heard your requests and will be introducing Google Translate in Chrome for iOS in the coming days. With this update, you can now translate webpages in Chrome with the click of a button on your iPhone and iPad, just as you’re used to on Chrome for desktop and Android.

Both important additions for very different reasons. Translating web pages on the fly is something in particular I'm looking forward to. How about you? Grab the current version from the App Store link below, and keep your eyes peeled for an update in the coming days.

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