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Google gone and got itself all dolled up for Macworld. I'm a big fan of the new tabs and an even bigger fan of the new http://igoogle.com, which is pretty much the only web portal I've ever bothered with (besides, of course, just the plain jane Google page). They take full advantage of Safari's capabilities with neat AJAXification throughout. If you're a Google user (and you know you are) and if you're an iPhone user (and you're here so that's likely true too), it's worth a look-see. There's other improvements, including:

Customization of tabs
New and improved Gmail
New and improved Calendar
iGoogle for the iPhone - Official Google Mobile Blog: Google on the iPhone: Macworld Makeover

As long as we're talking Google, check out this Christmas miracle:

The New York Times reports that, based on internal data from Google, more iPhones were connecting during Christmas than any other mobile device, despite the fact that industry figures show only two percent of smartphones worldwide as belonging to Apple. A few days after Christmas, iPhone traffic dropped below that of phones using the Nokia-backed Symbian operating system, but kept a second-place ranking. - Electronista | Google gains iPhone traffic, updates apps

...Looks like more than a few lucky folks received an iPhone for Christmas, no? That's one benefit of Apple's non-standard activation agreement - it's a heck of a lot easier to gift an iPhone than it is any other phone in the US.