Google has introduced a new, free public DNS service which, according to their information page, is intended to:

  • Provide end users with an alternative to their current DNS service. Google Public DNS takes some new approaches that we believe offer more valid results, increased security, and, in most cases, better performance.
  • Help reduce the load on ISPs' DNS servers. By taking advantage of our global data-center and caching infrastructure, we can directly serve large numbers of user requests without having to query other DNS resolvers.
  • Help make the web faster and more secure. We are launching this experimental service to test some new ways to approach DNS-related challenges. We hope to share what we learn with developers of DNS resolvers and the broader web community and get their feedback.

And so far, they're not even trying to monetize via add placement or site-suggestion. For those whose ISP is simply not performing DNS well, or for anyone worried they may be subject to DNS cache poisoning, it's definitely something worth checking out.

You can either set the DNS on your iPhone or iPod touch by tapping on the blue arrow to the right of your currently-joined WiFi network, tapping on the DNS entry, and typing in the settings, or you can set it on your router and when your iPhone connects to WiFi, it'll pick up the Google DNS settings -- which are the unbelievably simple-to-remember or

For more information, check out the Google Public DNS page.