Google+ for iPhone and Android update improves photo sharing, posting, location sharing, and more

If you use Google+ on your iPhone, you'll want to keep your eyes out for an update that will make sharing content, posting photos, and managing communities even easier. The update promises that you'll be able to do more in less time and have stricter control over your content when posting.

When posting photos, you'll now have the ability to edit them natively within the Google+ app by adding filters, rotating, and cropping. The view profile section has also been tweaked and presents information in a much more streamline way. Anyone who has communities set up has probably noticed there wasn't much interaction or ways to control what posts you see via the app. With the update you'll now be able to control how many posts feed into your main stream via communities.

Updates to location information including being able to only share location with certain circles. For example, if you'd like only your family and close friends to see your location information, you can set those circles in that way while leaving other circles without location information attached. That way, the way people view your profile will differ and the ones you choose to share location information on posts, the ones you share it with will see that information underneath your post.

To see all the changes including screenshots of how changes will look, hit the link below.

Source: Google+