So with my cable modem dead all of yesterday, what's any self respecting TiPb editor to do? Document iPhone features, of course! Now, while Google supplies the APIs and data, Apple creates the front end client (which "blows Google away" according to what Steve Jobs said while on stage with Bill Gates back in 2007). What's new in the iPhone OS 2.2 version of that front end? Click the graphic above for a large size look at how Google Maps flows together. Couldn't squeeze everything in, of course (looking at you, position identifying pin drag!), but most of the important stuff should be in there, including:

  • Get info on searched location and share that location via email
  • Get directions to or from a location
  • Cycle between driving, transit, and walking directions
  • Get different transit times
  • Get street-view environment of a location and maneuver around (the Apple Store was initially blocked by a truck, so I had to tap the arrow to "walk" a bit, and then swing around to look behind it).
  • Tap the radar to back out of street view
  • Double tap for on-screen controls
  • Report inappropriate content to Google, which sends you a page on Safari

Anything big missing from the graphic? Let us know and we'll (try to!) add it in.

Anything big missing from the Google Maps app? Tell us in the comments and who knows, maybe we'll see it in iPhone OS 2.3!