Alongside the much anticipated update to the Google Maps application for iOS, the Maps team at Mountain View has gone ahead and pushed out a new version of the Maps SDK for iOS. This is the tool that iOS app developers need to put to work in order to incorporate Google Maps into their creations, and the latest version adds a couple of headline new features; street view and indoor maps.

With the release of SDK version 1.4, app developers can now make full use of Google's street view imagery right within their apps, providing users the opportunity to explore any locations that they're being directed to. It's a similar story with indoor maps too, if a chosen location has an indoor map available, developers can now access that information and the floor picker within their own apps. Pretty cool.

Beyond this, Google says there's a bunch of other, smaller new features for developers to get their hands on, but they do also get to take advantage of the visually refreshed maps. Google Maps has undergone a bit of a makeover across platforms in recent weeks and months, and the new shinyness is being made available to iOS developers. It all sounds great, but if there's any developers out there that use Google Maps for their apps, drop us a line in the comments; does the new SDK open any new doors for you?

Source: Google