Google Play Books has had an update pushed out that lays the way for their textbook rentals. Back at the Nexus 7/Chromecast event in San Francisco, Google confirmed that textbooks would be coming to their own Google Play Books selection. A direct competitor to Apple's own textbook selection available through iBooks, Google also stated that their textbooks would be available on a rental basis and this update adds support for them. Other changes in this latest update include:

  • Highlighting and note-taking are now supported in scanned pages books.
  • Added sepia reading mode.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Textbooks are obviously a specific niche, but an important one to support. The advantage Google has over Apple's textbooks is that they support a cross-platform – read Android and iOS – model, meaning you'll get the exact same books on your Nexus 7 as on your iPad. Anyone out there looking to get some textbooks from Google before School starts again? How does the rental aspect attract you?