Google Play gift cards may soon be joining iTunes in the real world

Apple has offered real, live, printed iTunes gift cards for years and years now, and it looks like Google is just about ready to join them with Google Play gift cards. While this might only seem like big news for the big Android geek in your shopping vicinity, lots and lots of Google users also use iPhones and iPads, and Google offers a lot of apps on iOS for them to use. Phil Nickinson from Android Central has the details:

We've already seen the Google Play Store app getting prepped for gift cards -- and now we've scored the cards themselves. (Or, at least, a look at the outer wrapping.) We've been slipped a few pics of $10 and $25 gift cards, clearly branded for Google Play, with "Music Movies Books Apps & More" listed at the bottom.

Sure, we don't need no apps, but if you know someone all in on Google Music or Google Books, this might just make for a handy, off-beat stocking stuffer or birthday bonus. And it's just one more way former partners, now entrenched rivals, Apple and Google will be competing for your attention and your money.

Apple has always had the advantage of global reach when it came to iTunes, the ability to sell digital goods and take credit cards and other forms of payment around the world. Google has been catching up, but iTunes still enjoys real-world placement on store racks from tiny mom-and-pop convenience stores to the biggest boxes in retail. That creates awareness, branding, and yes, income. If someone wants an actual physical good to give little Timmy for winning the All Valley Karate Tournament, Google Play wasn't even an option.

Now it soon might be.

Hit the link below for more pictures and all the info, and then come back and tell us -- would you consider picking up a Google Play gift card next time you're at the Quicky Mart or Super Store? Or is it iTunes for life?

Source: Android Central